Lelo Elise Vibrator

EliseLelo Elise ($167)

One of the softest and natuarlly designed vibrators in the Lelo range – the shape of the Elise is marked by the gentle arch that ensures it fits perfectly to the contours of the female body.

The Silicone feel of the vibrator is one of the most pleasent to touch of all the Lelo sex toys.  Despite the simplicity of the design, the Elise packs a typically powerful vibrator that yet remains quiet and silky smooth.

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Lelo Gigi Vibrator

GigiLelo Gigi Vibrator ($102)

Silent, powerful, and stylish.  Three words that sum up the popular and highly regarded Lelo Gigi vibrator.

Gigi has no less than five pre-programmed pleasure modes and seven different speeds to choose from, combined to give you endless hours of varied pleasure.  But whatever option you choose, you can be sure that the Gigi will hit your g-spot perfectly every time.

A one hour charge will give one and a half hours of fun.  Insertable length of 4 1/2 inches.

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Lelo Iris Vibrator

IrisLelo Iris ($132)

The Iris is a uniquely styled Lelo vibrator that has a vibrating engine at either end of the toy that work in perfect harmony.  Exquisitely balanced, the Iris allows you to use its 8 and a 1/2 inch length to stimulate two parts of your body simultaneously.

A simple interface using plus and minus keys allow you to quickly increase or decrease the speed (out of 5 pulsation settings). Gently curved, with soft petals that enhance stimulation.  The Lelo Iris vibrator is as silent and discreet as you would expect, as well as being very easy to clean.

Fully re-chargeable, with each charge lasting aproximately 4 hours.

All in all, another superb vibrator from Lelo.

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Lelo Lily Vibrator

LilyLelo Lily ($120)

At first glance, the Lily is one of Lelo’s simplest looking vibrators.  But don’t be decieved by the surface simplicity of this stylish and beautiful toy.  The Lily has been expertly designed to be the ultimate in sensual touch, with powerful multiple-speeds and vibration patterns that somehow manage to be whisper quiet.

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Lelo Soraya Vibrator

Lelo SorayaLelo Soraya ($199)

The new Lelo Soraya is another stunning Lelo Vibrator that ticks all the boxes – beautiful, ergonomic design, functional, affordable, advanced and yet delightfully simple to use.  The vibrator has three speeds and five different patterns, and can run for four continous hours when fully charged.  Curved design for perfect g-spot stimulation, together with a flexible clitoral attachment.  The Soraya is Lelo’s first fully waterproof vibrator.  Available in black or rose colored editions, usually ships from BabeLand within 24 hours.

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Lelo Siri Vibrator

Lelo Siri VibratorWhat makes Lelo vibrators stand out from the rest is the beautiful design, made with the highest-quality materials, with superb features and variety of settings that make every use of their toy different.  The Lelo Siri is a perfect example of all of those things, the epitome of a Lelo luxury vibrator.

The Lelo Siri has no less than six pulse and vibration settings – powered by an intelligent microprocessor!  Small enough to fit in your hand, one of the best clitoral vibrators in the world.

$99 from BabeLand

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Lelo Ina Vibrator

Lelo InaThe Ina takes the best features of Lelo’s previous best selling vibrators – the Gigi and the Liv, and improves upon them.  It’s no surprise, therefore, that the Lelo Ina has quickly become one of the most popular and highly rated vibrators in the world, all in the space of a few short months.  The beautiful G-spot curve of this dual vibrator is complemented by a vibrating clitoral attachment.  The Lelo Ina has EIGHT different vibration settings powered by TWO independent motors – providing a near endless variety of intensely sesnsual experiences.

$139 from BabeLand

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